The Story Of What Happened To The Rescued Dogs From The Dog Meat Trade

The Story Of What Happened To The Rescued Dogs From The Dog Meat Trade

Dog & Cat Meat Trade Exposed — Animals wearing collars are STOLEN PETS.



These dogs were loved by someone. Click on photo to view enlarged. Photo by Soi Dog.

Soi Dog Foundation are stretched to the limits of their capacity, fighting to save the lives of rescued dog-meat-trade (DMT) dogs in Thailand.

SD Founder, John Dalley must be at his wits end and close to emotional breaking point because it’s not possible to witness such on-going trauma and glide thru it unscathed. Yet he keeps fighting, because he believes it’s a worthwhile fight. Do you?

Please help raise awareness and tell a friend about  Soi Dog Foundation. Talk to co-workers, school friends, spouses and so on. If you are able to donate cash, please do! This is so desperate and the scale is massive. Help is urgently needed.

Although battling overwhelming issues concerning the DMT (dog meat trade), John says “I am confident the mission of ending the dog meat trade can be accomplished!” If he is still pushing forward, then we must as well.

In a few weeks I go back to Vietnam, which is where all the dogs in this video were headed and as I document what I see in Vietnam I’ll be thinking of these dogs. We must keep fighting.

Please watch the video (below) about the dogs who were saved and sent to government shelters. Note: the video contains no images designed to shock. In John’s words: “Someone loved these dogs before they went thru hell.”

Animals wearing collars are STOLEN PETS.