Animal Stories and Dialogues for Internet Textbook

Animal Stories and Dialogues for Internet Textbook

Dear IAKA Supporters,

You may have recently noticed a shift in IAKA’s attitude toward finding a solution to the Korean animal crisis. With the continued impotence and indifference of the Korean government toward the needless suffering of companion animals (and indeed the intentional mislabeling of IAKA protests as attacks on Korean culture) we find we have to take a new approach to the problem and look to a new group of people to effect positive change for these animals – the children.

With that in mind I would like to announce IAKA’s intention to compile an internet textbook to be presented to the English Institution, a very popular English-learning school in Korea, as a resource to both teach Korean children English and at the same time teach them about animal care, respect and compassion.

We are looking for short stories and conversational dialogues with animal or environmental themes that can be used as teaching tools for beginner through advanced English language learners. Send us stories about caring for your beloved pets, or simple dialogues about the importance of keeping nature
pristine or grammar exercises which focus on animals as companions or in their natural environment. Help us create change from the ground up!


Send submissions to us via email:

or to

International Aid for Korean Animals
Learning Resource Center
PO BOX 20600 Piedmont, CA 94620


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