Indonesian Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Posting

Indonesian Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Posting



(Naju City, Associated News) SON SANGWON, REPORTER


Police in Naju City, Junra Nando Province, are investigating an incident in which an illegal immigrant from Indonesia known as Mr. B. (27) posted photos on a popular Korean SNS [Social Networking Service] of himself illegally slaughtering a dog. Mr. B. has been taken into police custody.

The incident took place on February 15th in the Dongsu Village Agricultural Industrial Complex of Naju City where Mr. B. and his Indonesian accomplices are accused of hanging the dog by the neck from a forklift.

On February 20th, Mr. B. uploaded several photographs of the incident to his personal SNS page, where he received a severe backlash from the public. Mr. B. apparently quit his job at the Agricultural Industrial Complex and began to make preparations to return to Indonesia.

Mr. B. had obtained a Korean work visa and entered Korea in 2008. In April 2013 his visa expired.

Mr. B. was arrested based on the police investigation of the photographs posted online and the site in the Agricultural Industrial Complex where the incident took place. Mr. B. was apprehended in his home while attempting to hide from police.

Following an investigation for violations of the Animal Protection Act, Mr. B. will be transferred into the custody of the Korean Immigration Service for further investigation. Police are also investigating his accomplices.

According to the Animal Protection Act, the maximum penalty for such a violation is less than 1 year in prison and a fine of less than ₩10 million [about $9100]. The fine for posting photos of animal cruelty on the internet is less than ₩3 million [about $2730].



IAKA’s response:


We believe that Mr. ‘B’ and his accomplices did not know that slaughtering a dog like that was illegal. If they had they wouldn’t have posted photographs of it online and risked a police investigation when they were living in the country illegally.


While some Indonesian people do eat dogs, the practice of hanging and torturing dogs in that manner is uniquely Korean. Mr. ‘B’ and his Indonesian accomplices were probably taught (and most likely coerced) by their Korean bosses to hang and torch the dog in the photograph. His Korean boss(es), knowing the practice is illegal, used him and his accomplices to do their dirty work for them.


While Mr. ‘B’ must be held accountable for his actions, we must not let the investigation into this incident stop with him and his fellow immigrants. We believe that the Naju Police must investigate their employers at the Dongsu Village Agricultural Industrial Complex for violations of the Animal Protection Act and incidences of animal cruelty.