KAPS – Bongpari

KAPS – Bongpari





This is Bongpari. He used to visit one of our lovely KAPS members as a stray, hungry and a little dirty but no worse for wear. Bongpari had been visiting her house daily for almost four months when suddenly he disappeared. Our volunteer did not see him for four days straight and when he finally returned, he was badly inured. Most likely he was hit by a car as he sustained multiple internal and external injuries, including a broken jaw and damage to both his eyes.

He was brought to KAPS where he had to have surgery to repair a urinary tract blockage, among other things.



Slowly, through the great efforts of our KAPS volunteers, he is recovering from his injuries and returning to good health.



His jaw is still a little crooked and always will be, but we like to think that just adds to his character. Pretty soon he will be up for adoption to a loving and caring Korean family, and we wish him all the best!

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