Letter to Mayor of Daegu

To Daegu City Mayor Hong Junpyo,

Moran Dog Market in Sungnam City and Gupo Dog Market in Busan have been officially closed for over 2 years. It is time that Daegu City followed suit.

There is a marked decline in the consumption of dog and cat meat across the nation. According to a recent poll, 60% of Korean citizens support a complete ban on the sale and consumption of dog and cat meat.

As Mayor of Daegu City, we call upon you to do the following:

  • Permanently close Chilsung Dog Market
  • Outlaw the sale of dog and cat meat
  • Outlaw the raising and sale of these animals for slaughter
  • Close all dog and cat slaughter houses, “health food” shops  (보신원), and dog meat restaurants throughout Daegu City.

Mayor Hong Jun-pyo
Daegu Metropolitan Government
88 Gongpyeong-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu, Gyeongsangbukdo-do
Postal Code 41911
South Korea