Distribute Material

Help IAKA spread the word about the atrocities of animal cruelty in Korea. Below you can download and print some of our materials to distribute. If you would like to distribute additional items such as leaflets, or receive posters for hosting your own demonstrations, please contact us with your request.



May 2013 (PDF)

January 2011 (PDF)

May 2008 (PDF)



These postcards are designed to be printed and sent to certain Korean government officials who have pushed for the legalization of dog meat. Please print, sign, and send!
– Addressed to Mayor of Busan, Suh Byung-soo, FEb 2017 (PDF)

– Addressed to Mayor Daegu, Kwon Young-Jin, Feb 2017 (PDF)

– Addressed to President Park Geun-Hye, May 2013 (PDF)

Addressed to the President of Korea, Dec 2012 (PDF)

Addressed to the Seoul City Mayor, July 2008 ( back, PDF)

Addressed to the Gyeonggi Province Governor, July 2008 (back, PDF)

5×7 Postcard Front (PDF)