Dog Meat Market Photos


Dog Meat Market

A seller wheels the dogs to the market in cramped cages. The poor dogs are toppled over one another and may have broken limbs due to being tossed and dropped during transporation.

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3 pet dogs looks at the horror surrounding the dog meat market with no hope. Once sold, these dogs will be beaten or electrocuted to their death.

Outside of a health shop, dogs are kept locked in cages. Dogs that are raised for food will never step foot onto the ground until moments before they are killed.

Dog in chilsung market (C)copyright Mark Lloyd

Copyright (c)Mark Lloyd

This dog was most likely lost or abandoned, an opportunistic dog farmer/breeder does not hesitate to capture a wandering dog to make a profit. (C)copyright Mark Lloyd

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Pressure cookers like these are used to skin cats alive. Cat juice are then sold as health tonics….

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Pictures of a Nurangi (yellow dog) caged outside the Kim Chun health shop.Daegun Market Place.Korea. The dog worth approx $250 will be killed and used for human consumption,cooked in Gesoju (dog tonic) herbal medicine or baked and then eaten.The korean tradition of eating dogs is believed to ward of ill health and give men fertility.

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