Contact list of Korean Government

This is a specific list of key government officials that presides over dog meat industry issues in Korea.

President Jae-In Moon
Address: 1 Cheongwa-daero, Seoul 03048, Republic of Korea
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E-mail: ,

Prime Minister of South Korea
Address: Government Complex, Sejong,  261 Dasom-ro,
Sejong-si, Republic of Korea

Mayor of Seoul, South Korea
Address:Seoul Metropolitan Government, Saejong-daero 110, Jung-gu, Seoul 04524, Republic of Korea

Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Rural Affairs
Address: 94 Dasom2-ro, Government Complex-Sejong, Sejong-si, Postal code 30110, Republic of Korea
Work Phone: (82)-2-1577-1020  E-mail:

Minister of Korea Food And Drug Safety
Address: Osong Health Technology Administration Complex, 187 Osongsaengmyeong2(i)-ro, Osong-eup, Cheongwon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Postal Code 363-700, South Korea

Ministry of Health and Welfare
Address: 13, Doum 4-ro, Sejong Special Autonomic City, Sejong Government Complex 10, Postal Code 339-012, South Korea

Ministry of Justice
Address: Building #1, Government Complex-Gwacheon, Gwanmoon-ro 47, Gwacheon-si, Kyunggi-do, Postal Code 13809, Republic of Korea
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Embassy of the Republic of South Korea
Address: 2320 Massachusetts Ave. Washington, D.C. 20008, USA
Tel: (202)939-5600