Urge the South Korean Government to Respect Global Animal Protection Laws and Oppose Legalization of the Dog Meat Trade

Responsible department: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

The unprecedented, unnecessary cruelty towards animals can no longer be tolerated and it is the moral duty of the British Government to intervene on behalf of animal welfare organizations and the British Public to urge South Korea to respect and enforce not just its own but Global Animal Welfare Laws.This petition also formally opposes the move to legalize the dog and cat meat trade in South Korea on ethical, health and moral grounds.The issue concerns the UK because in 2018 we will attend the Seoul Winter Olympics and it is unconscionable for the Government to ignore the huge growing shock and outcryon social media sites. Close Moran Meat Market Dogs electrocuted,boiled alive in public-illegal Slaughter houses. Sanctions for International Breach of waste disposal- 2011 foot &mouth crisis, 8 million livestock were buried alive .2012 Declaration of Consciousness has confirmed animals are not just commodities.



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