We hope Korea will be next to stop the trade.

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Government officials from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam met on August 30th in Hanoi, Vietnam. The 4 countries have agreed to consider a 5 year moratorium on the commercial transport of dogs from 1 country to another to end the inhumane trade in dogs for meat. In Thailand, where it is already illegal, an a…greement was made to better enforce regulations.

The commercial trade in dogs for meat is responsible for slaughtering an estimated 5 million dogs for human consumption per year. Thailand, Cambodia and Laos supply dogs for the trade into Vietnam, where they are slaughtered and consumed. Dog meat production has evolved from small-scale household businesses to a multi-million dollar industry of illicit traders that causes animal suffering and poses a health risk to humans.

John Dailey, Vice President, The Soi Dog Foundation was present to advocate against the dog meat trade and was quoted as saying “This is not a debate about culture or custom. This is an issue of human health. The trade we are seeing in the region is profit-driven and is not motivated by any desire to maintain a culture. It is also worth noting that no country in the world has explicitly legalised the production of, trade in and consumption of dog meat.”

This marks a significant step forward given the deep rooted dog meat trade in SE Asia. Let's make sure our voices continue to be heard until the Dog Meat Trade and the horrific slaughtering of dogs and cats for human consumption has ended!